painting for a friend

It is my greatest pleasure to make things for people. When my grandmother first taught me to crochet, I made friendship bracelets adorned with buttons and charms for all my friends at school. Today, I am working on a painting for my friend, Jenni. We share January birthdays and recently celebrated with friends at her house. Delicious foods and colorful, animated company - so much fun! Jenni is one of the truest and kindest people I’ve had the privilege of knowing. Who brings you homemade birthday dessert late at night or salmon soup when you’re sick? Who will encourage your health and happiness and enjoy to see you thrive in this life? I am so lucky to have such a wonderful friend as her. For this painting I used black and gold ink, gouache, and paper (I dyed blue flowers with watered down gouache). I sewed the flowers to the watercolor paper with sequins and beads.