silhouettes in space

This week I have listened to “Rupture” by The Cranberries I don’t know how many times. A lot! I often do that - listen to a song over and over and over as some way to understand every particle of it. Today I am working on a silhouette painting part of an ongoing series I’ve loosely titled, “blank portraits”. I never know how long a series will go on, how long an obsession will go on, how long a need a desire a love a pain an expression will go on—but like a song I love so much, I listen to it again and again, let it play me, until I am finished with it or it is finished with me. Until there is no other way to understand it. Until it becomes part of the space and work around me and within me, returning to haunt me, silent as a shadow, as and when it pleases. Then, as all wonderful things do with time, it does something funny: it changes. And I love it wholly anew.